The Valley Cruzers is a family oriented car club, based in the beautiful Matanuska-Susitna Valley. Our club is open to all makes and models of cars and trucks, whether you have a Model T or a brand new vehicle. And don't worry, many of our rides are "works in progress." We cruise all summer long!  Check out our schedule page for the next dinner meeting.

Our History: A flyer on the bulletin board of the local grocery store was all it took. The year 2000 marked the Cruzers' first summer together, boasting a membership of almost 40 cars. By fall of 2001 the Cruzers had grown to over 150 members.  Sporting cars from a 1933 fab Ford to a 2013 vamp Vette, if it has 4 wheels it can roll with the Cruzers!

Our first years have brought together a lot of wonderful cars, er... we mean people! As you can probably guess, our cars hibernate during the cold winter months in Alaska. But, just watch the Cruzers start appearing as soon as the snow begins to melt. Some just wait until the streets are dry. Here in the Valley you can tell when spring is here, not by the crocus or daffodils, but rather by the first sighting of Cruzers on the road.

In trying to make the Cruzers presence known, we've made it a point to having someone at all auto functions. Trying to tell the fine upstanding motor-head citizens from the rest of the crowd is easy for the general public. Just look for the Valley Cruzers club jackets! We proudly sport the Alaska state colors, blue and gold.

We have runs ending at a local restaurant or at one of our houses for a potluck barbeque, the KOOL cruise with 97.3 radio,and attend many local car shows yearly. Most Sunday's you can find a pack of the speed-freak Cruzers at the Alaska Raceway Park or North-Star Speedway. There are two things that will bring our group together: food and iron! The food can be hot or cold and the iron running or not.

The Cruzers' hosted the classic car show, "Hot Summer Nights," from 2002 to 2013.  Alaska car clubs came together for our rendition of the Lower 48's "Hot August Nights."  Hot Summer Nights is held in Palmer.  As of 2014, the Valley Cruzers returned to a dinner and cruising club, although many of us will still participate in various Alaskan car shows.  We hope to have you join us in 2018.

-Welcome to the Valley Cruzers!